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田中将太郎 - Shotaro Tanaka

About Shotaro Tanaka CPA Office

Shotaro Tanaka CPA Office was established in Tokyo and Hokkaido in 2017 by Shotaro Tanaka, who is a Certified Public Accountant, tax specialist and management consultant. We partners with our clients to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.
Our mission is to help leaders in business and society create "the Change" which make their business more profitable and efficient. inour clientsbe a reliable partner who help our clients to make profitable businesses effectively and efficiently. Our core service is Accounting and Tax consuliing, which visualize financial consition and problems in thier businesses. Analyzing the figures on financial sheerts, our consultants help our clients to create more profit.


Shotaro Tanaka

  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant(Registerd Number:39866)
  • Certified Tax Public Accountant(Registerd Number:143793)
  • Keio University Economics
  • Chicago University Management
  • Resistered by METI・The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Career and Education
Shotaro Tanaka (born July 4, 1987) is a CPA(Certified Public Accountant), Tax specialist and management consultant.
He studied Management, Finance and Accounting at Keio University in Tokyo and Chicago University. He worked in an accounting firm as CPA and then worked as management consultant. In 2017, he established Shotaro Tanaka CPA Office in Tokyo, providing management and accounting services. In 2019, he establish Sapporo Office, which focus on tax consuliting services.
Our Six Values

Tax and Accounting Advisory

  • Tax Advisory for corporate tax and income tax
  • Accounting advisory for booking and salary calculation
  • Documentary arrangement for legal papers

Our tax accountant help our clients to make appropriate financial sheets and to save the amount of taxe from long term perspective. In addition to the basic tax advisory, we help our clients to manage their fund more efficiently.

Financial and accounting advisory

  • Introduction of accounting systems
  • Advisory for financial arrangements
  • Consulting for investments

Our Certified Public Accountants help our clients to introduce accounting systems and manage the systems. We also give our clients advice to manage their financial assets based on their financial information

Start-up support

  • Support for a company formation
  • Documentation for legal processes
  • Introsuction of business tools

Our professionals including CPA, tax specialists and lawyers discuss with our clients to make an strategy from a long term perspective. We also deal with legal processes to establish companies and submit documents to Japanese government.

Corperate Strategy

  • Create corperate strategy
  • Marketing using technologies
  • Merger and acquisition(M&A)

Our management consultants analyze our clients businesses and summarize issules to make the strategies. We also help our clients to make marketing plans and execute the plans successfully.

Oversea expansion

  • promotion of foreign trade and investment
  • Establish foreign offices
  • New business connections

Our consultants help our clients to expand their oversea businesses, using broad and strong networks with our foreign partners in Europe, the U.S and Asian countires. We solve some legal and tax issues for oversea trades.

Operational Efficiency

  • streamline backoffice workflow
  • Sales Automation
  • Introduction of operation systems

Our consultants create efficient workflows and introduce appropriate systems to reduce a non-value-added cost. Certified Public Accountants and tax specialists analyze the workflow to meet legal requirements.

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Sapporo Office

Imonn Sapporo Parkfront Building 9 floor, Odori West 7 chome 1-1, Cyuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido japan


Tokyo Office

15-3, 3 Chome, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan